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Mission and Community

Community Support

Through St Nicholas you have access to a wide range of community and support groups.

Alpha Course

If you would like to register your interest in the 2022 Alpha please contact the Church Secretary, Pauline Martin. Tel: 01485 544561 or Email: paulinemartin3@googlemail.com

Baby Basics

Baby Basics has continued to provide essential items to support those families in West Norfolk and the Health & Children’s Services Area throughout the last 2 years of the Pandemic. We supported the Health Professionals, and other Network Agencies in providing 97 families throughout 2020, with the vital essentials to ensure a new baby has a warm and safe bed to sleep, as well as providing clothing, nappies, toiletries, and maternity sanitary wear for the mum.

This was unprecedented. However, as of November, so far in 2021 we have provided over 180 families who were unable, for a variety of reasons, to do this themselves. The Pandemic has in many cases been a direct cause, be it poverty, the increase in domestic violence, the homelessness, job losses, or the breakdown in a relationship.

We were, like all others, unable to fundraise throughout this time. Without the support locally from knitting groups, support from local supermarkets and monetary donations we simply could not have done what we have done.

Please continue to support and pray for this valuable Outreach work of Baby Basics in our area.

Mothers' Union

Mothers’ Union is an international Christian charity that seeks to support families worldwide. Its members are not all mothers or even all women, as there are many parents, men, widows, singles and grandparents involved in its work. Its main aim is to support marriage and family life, especially through times of adversity. With a worldwide membership of over 4 million, the Mothers’ Union is the largest lay ministry in the world.

We present to each Baptised person a prayer book at their Christening Service in Church.

We currently have 24 members but we are always happy to have visitors at our meetings which are held on the fourth Wednesday of the month at 2pm in Orchard Close or as noted in the previous weeks Notice Sheet and Church Magazine. There is no obligation to join although we are always happy to have new members, but just come along and enjoy the company, listen to our speakers and have a cup of tea and a chat afterwards.

For more information please speak to the Branch Leader, Pauline Martin. Tel: 01485 544561 or Email: paulinemartin3@googlemail.com

St Nicholas Friendship Group

We are looking to increase our numbers and invite both Ladies and Gentlemen to come to our meetings which are held on the second Wednesday of each month. The programme for this year is available from members of the Committee. Members of the Committee are: Chairman Edgar Cooper, Tel: 01485 540865, Secretary Erich Dreibholz, Treasurer Gerald Bell, John Handley, Rob Churchill.

Home Study Groups

We currently have 4 Fellowship Groups meeting at various people's homes each week.

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